The realizationof a dream

For 2,500 years now, the resin obtained from the mastic trees of Chios island in Greece, was giving “tears” of pleasure and health to the people that they were tasting it. Dimitrios Koutsos, a visionary producer, captured the idea of making a cream honey, uniting two extraordinary products: The superior quality honey of wildflowers and herbs of northern Greece, with the carefully selected, dry, aromatic crystals of Chios Mastic.

A pure gift of nature

Melina, is a distinctive Cream Honey that carries the knowledge of centuries. Is a result of a combination of two of the most historical products of Greece: Honey and Mastic tears. Melina blends the old world of respect to the gifts of nature, with the new world of revolutionary ideas – and what is more revolutionary than spreading a new, high value product to the world.

Awards, recognition,benefits

Today, Melina, is an awarded Cream Honey, that came out of a well balanced, sophisticated recipe that compacts the benefits of nectar, wildflowers and mountain’s herbs, combined with the pinetrees honeycomb and the unique tears of Chios.

The raw honey is one of the greatest medicines of nature, according to Hippocrates. But the outstanding health benefits of Melina, can be easily found in the nutritional values of mastic tears as well: is extremely rich in antioxidants, while the side benefits of the consumption of mastic, between others, includes the prevention of digestive problems and colds.

Perfect balance,absolute taste

The creamy, elegant, velvet texture of Melina, captures the rich, aromas of the Greek nature, in balance with the intence, refreshing taste of Mastic tears – that for centuries were worth its weight in gold.

Numerous uses,unique flavor

Melina is a dazzling palette of scents, that idealy can be used in gourmet dishes, confectionery, as an accompaniment to fruits, ice creams, sauces, side dishes, or even as a unique sweetener in herbs, tea or filtered coffee.

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